What in the world is a Woobie???

How a Woobie works

A Woobie is more than a burp cloth.  It is an absolute necessity for any new parent!  There are so many qualities that differentiate a Woobie from other burp cloths that we had to make a list:


  • We have a pocket!  Perfect for storing and keeping pacifiers clean.  Never lose a pacifier (or dig through every pocket of your diaper bag to find one) again!


  • Baby just made a big mess on your Woobie? No problem!  Use the fabric loop on the top of the Woobie to roll-up and contain the mess.  No more messes on the inside of your diaper bag!  And, the loop can be tucked into the pocket when not being used - score! 

  • A portion of every sale goes to help babies and their families as part of our #hopscotchforhumanity.

  •  We backed the Woobie with ORGANIC BAMBOO!!  Why bamboo you ask??  Our bamboo is a super soft premium fabric and is ultra absorbent!  It absorbs quickly, holds moisture like crazy, remains soft over time, and actually gets softer with every wash! It is a breeze to clean and is 100% eco-friendly - manufactured with NO harmful chemicals or finishes!  As a bonus, we made sure the color of the fabric is an off-white (NOT bright white like many other burp cloths) to minimize the appearance of spit-up stains. 

  • The generous size of the Woobie will spare your wardrobe from the dreaded baby badge... big enough for even the broadest shoulders!

  • So many uses!  Throw the Woobie over your shoulder while burping to catch spit-up or lay under baby to catch spills during "tummy time."  Place it under baby's head while laying down to protect blankets, carpet, and couches from spit-up.  They are perfect for wiping away dribble. Also great under baby while changing or bathing, and soft enough that baby will love to use it as a snuggle (or a chew toy at our house).

  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA!!



(plural woobies)

 1. (US, Childish)  Any object, usually a blanket or garment, that is used simply for its         comforting characteristics.